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luna_riot_grrl's Journal

22 March
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i make films and do what i can to promote the independent scene keeping art alive and trying to fight the censorship is what its all about fuck money, fuck the goverment and fuck the system.

m a total comic book freak

gigs, festivals, and chaos with the best mates ever yeah awww, films, reading, photography, zines, working on my fx, making short movies, sharks and lizards (maybe one day they will breed to make a super race thatll take over the world and the sea or is that the royal family ahhh david icke jokes how can you not) . i have a possibly unhealthy interest in world war 2 so i guess you could say history
80's cartoons, alice in wonderland, american psycho, amlie, andy c, animal rights, animals, army of darkness, art, atari teenage riot, b-movies, bettie page, bi sexuality, bikini kill, billie holiday, blatz, blitz, blood for blood, body piercings, bondage, boots, braindead, cannibal the musical, citizen toxie, cocksparrer, comics, converge, corsets, counterstrike, cult classics, curves, dancing, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, devils rejects, devotchkas, discharge, donnie darko, dreaming, dreams, dressing up, dropkick murphys, ella fitzgerald, evil dead, evil dead triology, eyehategod, fifth element, film festivals, flogging molly, freedom of choice, friends, gbh, gein, ghost world, grrls, gwar, hardcore, hatebreed, haunted, hole, honesty, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, independent movies, johnny cash, kenny ken, kevin smith movies, l7, leftover crack, legend of the chupacabra, leon, lloyd kaufman, lolita storm, lost souls, lunachicks, mac cosmetics, madball, make up, making films, mampi swift, melt banana, metal, mindless self indulgence, movies, music, my ruin, night of the dead, paloma faith, paranormal, partying, patti smith, peace, perfume, photographs, photography, poppy z. brite, pro choice, rancid, raves, raving, reading, redneck zombies, requiem for a dream, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, scotch egg, sgt. kabukiman nypd, shaun of the dead, shitmat, sleepers, snap her, stand by me, stephen lynch, tairrie b, tank girl, tattoos, terror, terror firmer, the toxic avenger, thundercats, traveling, troma, tromadance, tromaville, tromeo and juliet, true romance, tura satana, vice squad, walls of jericho, wasp factory, writing scripts