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things to do

So i love writing lists so heres a list of things i want to do in no particular order

  • Learn french
  • Write more maybe take a creative writing course
  • Launch emerald void
  • make more films
  • Get good at skating and become the best blocker
  • get my passport
  • travel
  • get driving
  • start my fanzine again


im in love!!!!

From the second i put them skates on my feet i fell in love with roller derby! I recently joined the roller derby team and im sooooo excited! The second city roller bullies is ina  new league the tri county league and is new and exciting.

Its not just about the skating The roller bullies cover charity, women empowerment and no bitchyness just skating! 

I went to my first practice last sunday and if im honest right now i suck and am just picking up the basic skating skills but thats the beauty of this team. I found them at just the rigth time as because they are just setting up so theya re more focused on beginners and helping us become the greatest whereas other temas make you go skate on your own before you can join the Team.

Everyone thats joined so far is super nice! I can see this team becomeing really close and having a nice group of people to assosiate with which trust me lately is a hard thing. All i find myself wanting to do lately is skate, film and write.

Liar liar
you set my heart on fire
 decayed and burnt away
but you live to see another day

LOL why do ppl think you not gonna catch them out when they lie it fully amuses me!

back from brizzle

with a bus driver oddly resembling will farrell and a man with a glass eye offering me sweets i figured it could only be good instead i land in an icey land of freezing doom :P

bristol was fun but me and kel decided to stay in brum for now as everyone there seems to go errrrm no i dont know what to do on a sat night??

all i cant understand now is how can wolverhampton be voted 5th worst city? compared to bristol its paradise :P



Age 13 a new girl had come to school and as we sat in the library browsing old magazines she suddenly freaked "omg help me steal this"! i didnt know what we were stealing but i helped none the less.... later she opened the magazine to reveal a woman with red lipstick and ripped tights in a baby doll dress and a tiara in her hair this was the first time i saw courtney love!

i went home and asked my brother who this 'just dont give a fuck' woman was and he thew a cassette at me and said "shes kurts wife she sucks"!i sat down in my bedroom in front of my boom box and slowly loaded the tape. Thats where it really began!

A whirlwind of fanzines, rants, and babydoll shoes later my teenage years become obsessed with the riot grrl movement and everything that came with it. over the years my love for courtney faded a lil but when i heard they were playing shepards bush i felt what i felt that day sittin in my room in front of an old battered stereo and i knew i just had to go.

level 3 seaing tickets grr but going none the less!!!


It begins!!!

The year 2010! Age 26 i feel like i spent the whole of 2009 holding my breath underwater just watching and waiting for it all to be over and now here we are i feel like this is going to be the year where i can take a breath and have my voice back! Taking no prisoners im back!  i refuse to sit back this year nothing ever gets handed to nobody on a plate so im gonna make my own fate and make 2010 my year and make things happen! On that note hi!




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